CostaOldTransparentThis blog was created to be a repository for all of my personal reviews of whisky and important and interesting links that I use that pertain to whisky.

You can find information about me, whisky in general, and my reviews from the pages above. As it is a blog and not a regular website and based on recent posts, it is expected that you use the Recent Posts page above for the most recent posts, the Categories on the left hand side of each page to look for reviews that interest you, or the Reviews page above that will have to be a static page that I update manually.

As this is for personal use, any images or information from other sites has the source marked on each page at the bottom or in the caption for the image. For instance, the header image on each page was taken from:



10 thoughts on “Main”

  1. Looking forward to the reviews!

  2. First comment!

  3. Love the idea!! Keep it up!!

  4. Just read all your reviews even if whisky doesn’t really interest me ;)….great job!!

  5. chrisOTTAWA said:

    I taste some peat!

  6. chrisOTTAWA said:

    We need ratings for each….like a lot of the sites have like ratings between 80 and 100.

    • Yeah, I’m not big on the ratings. I don’t know how one whisky is better than another by 5 points, or even what that difference means!

      However, Todd mentioned I should create a Top 10 Whiskies page based on my reviews so ill create that soon!

    • Though maybe I should have a recommendation rating for each one. Meaning I could put something like ‘highly recommended’ or ‘stay away’

  7. nice website… keep up the good work.

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